Vicodin treatment can be difficult because the drug falls into the opiate category, causing both long term mental and physical addiction.

The Waismann Method® of Vicodin detox under sedation offers a humane an effective solution for patients with addiction to all opiates. Our medical detoxifcation combines correcting chemical imbalances, psychological evaluations and latest medical advancement to control cravings. Other detox treatment centers, through the lack of knowledge of their medical staff, ignore opiate chemical deficiencies maintaining their revolving doors and blaming on patients personalities.

The Waismann Method® has been considered a leader in the development of effective and safe approaches to overcoming opiate dependence . Patients from all corners of the world travel to our single location, based only in California. They seek our services, because they know they can rely on our unmatched safety standards, commitment and exceptional care. We use specialize on anesthesia assisted rapid detoxification,  which maintains one of the highest success rate in  opiate detoxification for almost two decades. The Waismann Method  of Rapid Detox, treats Vicodin addiction as a physical disease that is overcome with responsible and advanced medical techniques. We medically reverse the physical dependence  and treat the biochemical cause of the craving. Our patients are admitted to their private room of our accredited hospital, where they are treated physically and mentally with dignity and respect.

Our medical detoxification procedures, offers humane options to individuals seeking Vicodin treatment.

Patients typically spend two to four days at our hospital  for medical assistance and monitoring through the withdrawal process by specialized professionals. Our goal is to block the withdrawal response and make the vicodin detoxification process more comfortable. After detoxification, patients spend a few days transitioning at our exclusive Domus Retreat.

After almost 20 years performing rapid detox, we have understood that most physical effects of opiate detoxification, can be treated quickly with procedures such as rapid detox, but a responsibl treatment should not end there. Ongoing care and professional support for a few days, is crucial during the transitional period towards recovery. The physical and emotional transitions can take some time, and our staff at  Domus Retreat recovery facility, have made this process safer and much easier to endure for thousands of people. We know that the appropriate support is vital during this time, and we provide our post-detox care in an upscale, tranquil and extremely private setting. Our 6000 thousand square foot retreat offers therapeutic treatments and support, unlike any other rapid detox center worldwide. In fact our undeniable success is due, in large part to the extended care our patients receive at Domus Retreat .

It is simple. If exceptional care, responsible medicine and effectiveness is your goal, then Waismann Method should be your only choice.

Our Rapid Detox Center prioritizes  patient’s’ unique medical and emotional needs, while offering the best medicine has to offer in a discreet, private and supportive environment . Instead of patients adapting to what the treatment center offers, we adapt to each patients needs and modify each treatment to maximize safety and effectiveness.