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Improving daily

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March 6, 2003
To Clare W. Kavin and Staff:
Three weeks ago today, I was in the ICU, about to undergo
“rapid detox” with Dr. Clifford
Bernstein. I left for home a mere 24 hours later, weak, wobbly
and totally opiate-free. Wow!
My story fits into the classic – one minute I was sitting
at a red light, the next instant, I was rear-ended by a driver
going 55 mph. Ouch! Two surgeries later and three years of
taking opiates to kill the chronic pain, I realized that taking
10 to 15 tables of 80mg. OxyContin daily or popping 40+ Norco
tablets daily was consuming my life, more so than the pain.
I was desperate to quit. Five days of cold turkey ended in
failure. Three days as an in-patient at a pain management/detox
facility based on a 12-Step program (one which I already had
been personally familiar with since 1983) didn’t do the trick.
Then I found you. Thank God.
Words are not adequate to express my gratitude. First, for
making this treatment available to those who can benefit the
most from it. Second, for employing the highest caliber of
staff. In particular, I refer to Deborah, your nurse was has
been with me from the first phone call I made and continues
to encourage me to phone her if I have any questions or issues.
Then there’s Tony Margaretis, my hero from the hospital.
I love Tony. Please, he deserves recognition.
And finally, David Livingston, my thread to keeping my emotions
processed, balanced and positive. What a wonderful man.
I am still tired, not sleeping very well and my stamina is
reduced but improving daily. Opiates? Absolutely no desire
whatsoever. Pain? Still have a lot – the accident left permanent
However, I am working on new ways to deal with it and am
confident I will find a solution, and not one that relies
on narcotics. Just can’t go there any more.
Thank you, thank you, thank you.
Written with love,

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