Vicodin Detox Patient 7

Vicodin Addiction Testimonial How can I thank you ALL for your great care, amazing attention and kindness? I feel great and everybody notices how much better I look, after only 10 days! Please give my thanks to the nurses too, who were wonderful as well. Next time I’m in L.A., I’ll stop by to say […]

Vicodin Detox Patient 3

Vicodin Testimonial Their care is genuine. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. – Detox Patient, 2009

Vicodin Detox Patient

My deepest gratitude and appreciation This letter comes to you with my deepest gratitude and appreciation. You gave me my life back and words cannot express this. Dr. Bernstein, you are a very kind and caring man who saved my life. If there is anything I can ever do, please know I am willing in […]

Suboxone, Methadone, Vicodin and Rapid Detox Patient

How much is your life worth? I was skeptical after reading all the “rapid detox doesn’t work” stuff online. Think about it from a scientific standpoint — it clears all the opiates from your body; even those pesky ones clinging to your bone marrow and fat cells. Are you going to feel 100%? Of course […]

Vicodin Detox Patient 9

Vicodin Testimonial This is hands-down the best care available for opiate addiction. Two days after the operation I’m going home feeling wonderful. I had a seven-year Vicodin addiction. Now I am forever done!!! – Washington Detox Patient, 2009

Vicodin Detox Patient 5

Vicodin Testimonial Everyone was awesome; it was very healing for me. Thank you so much. – Detox Patient, 2009

Vicodin Detox Patient 10

Vicodin Testimonial I would encourage everyone with this type of problem to come here!!. – Rhode Island Detox Patient, 2010

Vicodin Detox Patient 2

I am no longer dependent How can I ever thank all of you enough for saving my life? From Clare and Deborah, who recognized the condition I was in and immediately set up my detox date, to Dr. Bernstein, Tony, and the staff at the Hospital, especially Annette and Maravic. The “wild man” is no […]

Vicodin Detox Patient 6

Vicodin Testimonial An expensive treatment but to spend time without a care or concern or worry is priceless. You deserve this chance to have the fun, easy attitude and no judgment. – Oregon Detox Patient, 2009