Tramadol Detox Patient 3

Tramadol Testimonial After years of debating whether to spend the $(money) this was well worth it. Every step of the way there was someone to help and talk me through the process. Never was I made to feel guilty but only showed encouragement by all. – Rhode Island Detox Patient, 2010

Tramadol Detox Patient 4

Tramadol Testimonial Amazing process in every way. I can’t believe how awesome I feel after only a day. It is so wonderful to wake up with a clear head. Thank you so much for giving me another try at life the right way. – Wisconsin Detox Patient, 2010

Tramadol Detox Patient 2

Tramadol Testimonial The environment at Domus completely exceeded my expectations. – Washington Detox Patient, 2010

Tramadol Detox Patient 5

Tramadol Testimonial I thought going into it all that what they claimed was all too good to be true! That it was a scam! Couldn’t be more from the truth! Here I am 5 days later exercising, playing basketball, laughing… Saved my marriage, saved my job, Saved my life! Thank you… all the way from […]

Tramadol Detox Patient

Tramadol Detox Patient Testimonial This program exceeded my expectation. Domus was referred by someone who had successfully completed the program and for 2 years remains opiate free.   William – Hydrocodone and Tramadol Detox Patient March,2009