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August 13th, 2009

Most people who become addicted to Roxicodone are not to blame. In so many cases, the process of becoming addicted to the prescription narcotic painkiller begins once a tolerance begins to build. This means the body becomes used to the prescribed dose and pain-relieving effects are diminished. Patients may then begin to escalate their dose in a quest for pain relief. Roxicodone addiction can take hold quickly from here and lead to a long road of further suffering and pain. Safe, effective Roxicodone detox is available to relieve you of this burden. The Waismann Method has successfully treated thousands of patients from across the world who become dependent upon opiates. Our renowned rapid detox can rid your body of Roxicodone with a fully-supervised medical procedure that takes less than two hours. Our total required stay is a few days compared to the weeks or months mandated by other detox and rehab facilities. A Roxicodone addiction is serious and should be treated medically by a team of professionals. Our program is completely humane and we offer hope and encouragement to every person who walks through our doors.

Medical Management of Withdrawal Offered by Waismann Method

Roxicodone is the brand name for oxycodone, a potent narcotic painkiller. It’s used to treat moderate to severe pain. A physical addiction is marked by the onset of often-painful withdrawal symptoms that don’t subside unless you take more. So many people fear detoxification because they know withdrawal is part of the process. The Waismann Method of rapid detox and othe medical detox processes,  medically manages these symptoms to eliminate unnecessary suffering. Our in-hospital procedure uses intravenous medications that cleanse Roxicodone from patients’ opiate receptors while they rest comfortably with intravenous sedative medications. Unlike many other detox programs, we don’t use opiate replacement drugs such as Suboxone or methadone to treat opiate addiction. Our success comes from quickly treating Roxicodone addiction and medically managing withdrawal symptoms which are accelerated. Patients are treated in the privacy of their own room, while supervised by a specialized medical staff. We also include a few days of support and expertise through our Domus Retreat aftercare facility. Patients here can opt to extend recovery, while  working through counseling and receiving  massage, biofeedback and other therapies.

Warnings on Use and Signs of Roxicodone Addiction

Altering your dose of Roxicodone in any way can lead to addiction. Chewing or crushing the pills can cause dangerously high levels of the drug to flood the system, leading to possible overdose or other serious complications. It’s important to take the drug exactly as prescribed to avoid these complications. Signs of a Roxicodone addiction can include a preoccupation with obtaining and consuming the drug and persistent use despite negative consequences. If your use has escalated or you are misusing the drug in other ways, it’s time to seek help. The Waismann Method can help you get back to the life you deserve in a short amount of time. We’re here to offer the best detoxification around and help you put an end to the suffering of opiate dependency can bring to your life.

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