There are so mny rapid drug detox questions that are not often clear enough for patients. One of the main question is what is the difference between rapid detox centers?

The best way to answer this rapid drug detox question, is to tell you a bit about who we are.


What is the Waismann Method® for Rapid Opiate Detoxification?


The Waismann Method® of Rapid Opiate Detoxification was developed to meet the need for a safe, efficient and comfortable way to eliminate opiate dependence. Established in the late 90s, the Waismann Method® is unique in that we specialize solely in the treatment of opioid dependence. We offer multiple forms of medical detox to help patients find the best solution to overcome opioid addiction. Furthermore, we have gained worldwide recognition for our success with anesthesia-assisted detox (Rapid Drug Detox).

We provide all of our medical detox procedures in a private, accredited hospital, exclusively located in Southern California and under the direct supervision of our medical director, Dr. Michael H. Lowenstein. Dr. Lowenstein is quadruple board certified and a leader in the area of opiate dependence and pain management. He has nearly 20 years of experience providing medical opiate detoxification. Having supervised thousands of successful rapid detox procedures, Dr. Lowenstein has unparalleled experience and expertise in treating opioid dependence. He is highly sought for professional consultation and has been interviewed by media outlets from around the world due to his knowledge.


Why is the Waismann Method® the Best Rapid Detox Center Option?

The Waismann Method® has received considerable recognition as the best rapid detox center for patients with opioid dependence. Several features of the Waismann Method® set us apart:

  • Tailored Treatment: Unfortunately, many rapid detox centers use a single, pre-set protocol for all of their patients. We believe that an effective opioid treatment must begin by understanding each patients’ diverse medical, emotional and interpersonal needs. Rather than trying to make the patient fit the treatment we offer, we modify our protocols to suit our patients’ specific needs. This is one of the most significant factors that set the Waismann Method® apart from the safest and most successful treatment available for opioid dependence.


  • Accredited Full Service Hospital: Our location gives us access to medical specialists and advanced medical resources that keep our patients safe. Being in a hospital, also allows us to consult with other professionals and customize the detoxification accordingly. Additionally, our patients have immediate access to emergency resources and may receive additional inpatient hospital time if needed. Unlike surgical centers, we have no pre-set maximum length of stay. As a result, we are in no rush to discharge patients before they are stable, comfortable and safe.


  • Private Room: Private rooms are not a luxury but a necessity when using sedation to treat opioid dependence. A private room allows the doctor to provide undivided attention to the individual receiving care. Treating patients side by side can lead to unsuccessful outcomes. Furthermore, fails to give the expected individualized care or even show respect and dignity for the patient.


  • Exclusive Recovery Center: After a successful rapid detox, all of the body’s physiological functions are trying to regulate themselves at the same time. This regulation phase presents considerable challenges for patients, both physically and emotionally. Most loved ones or drug rehabs do not have the knowledge and expertise to assist patients through this challenging transition phase. Not having professional assistance, makes it more likely that the patient’s recovery will present more difficulties. At the Waismann Method®, we take our responsibility for our patients very seriously. All of our patients have access to our exclusive recovery center, built solely for them. At Domus Retreat, a knowledgeable staff provides around the clock care, so one can receive the physical, psychological, and emotional help they need to transition to a successful recovery.



Rapid Drug Detox Quenstions and Risks?

We provide the safest opiate detox protocols The Waismann Method® Center has been treating patients for nearly 20 years. Thousands of patients from all over the world have received anesthesia-assisted rapid opioid detoxification at our center. We just do not cut corners when it comes to patient safety. Our experience, credentials, and commitment give patients the assuance, they are receiving the best medical opiate detox available.


Opiate dependence can have severe effects on physical health. During withdrawal from opioids, individuals experience uncomfortable symptoms that can even be dangerous. For instance, long-term opiate use may result in metabolic changes that negatively affect the heart, kidneys and digestive system. Because these organs may be weaker and potentially compromised, it is medically preferred to undergo rapid opiate detox in a full-service hospital that offers vast options for immediate medical support.

Waismann Method® consistently delivers superior results and a highly personalized opiate treatment. Patients undergoing rapid detox receive a comprehensive inpatient medical evaluation and care at a private accredited full-service hospital, from the pre-treatment assessment all the way through to discharge. Our medical director has four board certifications and is considered a leader in the field of anesthesia-assisted rapid detoxification. Additionally, we provide ample inpatient hospital and recovery care to maximize safety.


How Long Does Sedation Last for Anesthesia-Assisted Detox?

When rapid detox protocols first emerged for the treatment of opioid dependence, patients spent up to 4-6 hours under general anesthesia. Not only is this practice archaic and riskier for patient health, but it is also unnecessary. Nowadays, rapid opiate detoxification uses sedation rather than general anesthesia. By employing state-of-the-art methods, the sedation period is approximately 30 to 90 minutes, depending on each patient’s response. Rapid drug detox in a ICU of a full-service hospital, is safer and more effective. A hospital ICU ensures superior results and the highest safety standards.


What Happens after the Rapid Drug Detox Procedure?

After our patients have completed detox at the hospital and are in a stable medical condition, they are transferred to our private recovery center. Domus Retreat is a full-service post-detox sanctuary featuring psychotherapists, yoga teachers, massage therapists and addiction counselors. These professionals have considerable expertise in recovery from opioid dependence, allowing them to understand the unique challenges clients face during the post-detox transition. The length of stay at the Domus Retreat depends on each person’s particular needs and desires; stays range from several days to a couple of weeks. Throughout the patient’s stay, staff members provide 24/7 assistance, individually prepared meals, and housekeeping services.

When it comes to individual care, we leave no stone unturned. The hallmark of transformational care is personalized attention. We take the time to get to know each patient through an all-encompassing assessment process.

At the Waismann Method® Treatment Center, what you can expect to receive is simple: the most effective, safest rapid drug detox experience followed by unparalleled aftercare. Our services are provided by leaders in the field of opioid dependence and addiction medicine. Additionally, we pledge to treat each of our patients with dignity and respect. By taking an individualized approach to patient care, you can expect to work with an experienced team who customizes your treatment to ensure your safety, comfort, and the most successful opiate detox possible.