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The True Cost When Safety is Compromised

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In order to approach the idea of cost, we have to recognize the value of what we’re getting in return. Typically we quantify something’s value based on its features and benefits. For example, when it comes to considering a plastic surgeon, we think about safety, expertise and quality of results. Some people opt to go with the experienced, board certified surgeon and credentialed surgery center, while others will choose the less qualified, cheaper alternatives. The former typically comes with a higher price tag, but with assurance that you are in reliable hands. While the latter saves you money, the results may not be as successful or consistent. Value is more than just features; it’s what those features mean to us.

When deciding on a rapid detox program, both those factors should be heavily considered because you’re dealing with your life. Waismann Method® rapid detox for opiate addiction combines both dignified care and safety features that are necessary to optimize outcome.

Rapid Detox Cost and the Value of your Life

The medical treatment follows the highest safety measures and personalized care. We perform our rapid detox procedure in the ICU of a JCAHO accredited full-service hospital. You’re provided confidentiality and privacy with your own private hospital and ICU room. As our patient, you receive humane and respectful treatment from start to finish. Even before you arrive for the procedure, we’ve already made special preparations based on your specific health needs, such as scheduling testing and medical consultations specific to your medical history. Our primary concern is your well being, therefore we customize everything to your needs. You will be receiving the best medicine has to offer for your dependency on opiates.
In addition, we never treat you as just an added bed in an operating room with other patients as nurses go from bed to bed. You are a unique human being with specific needs. Most importantly, we never compromise your dignity, comfort, and safety in order to create more business.
Since we complete all procedures in a hospital, there is immediate access to the equipment and specialists necessary to address any medical issues we could identify during your treatment. This immediate access to appropriate full-service care is not possible when providers perform a detox procedure in an outpatient facility such as a surgery center.  Therefore, if an unanticipated emergency arises, paramedics would have to rush the patient to a hospital in an ambulance.

Waismann Method Raises the Bar

In addition to being performed in a hospital, Waismann Method® raises the safety bar by using sedation, rather than general anesthesia for your procedure.  It is completely unnecessary and arguably more dangerous to use general anesthesia to perform rapid opiate detox. General anesthesia requires the use of a breathing tube and ventilator because it compromises your ability to breathe on your own and protect your airway.  Since we admit the patient at least a day before the procedure, we allow the necessary time for proper pre-medication. Thus, enabling us to use moderate sedation for the rapid detox procedure which makes the process safer and increases the chances of a success.
Rapid opiate detox through the Waismann Method® does not cut corners when it comes to your medical care. What does rapid detox really cost? Are you considering one day of insufficient care or several days of 24/7 professional care?  What you are paying for is your physical safety with real medicine in a real hospital with true experts in rapid detox.

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