What are the Main Rapid Detox Differences

There are very distinctive rapid detox differences, that should be considered when choosing the safest or best treatment program. WAISMANN METHOD® of rapid detox treatment, has a only one location worldwide, based in Southern California. Patients fly in from all over the world seeking our proven success and unparalleled safety protocol. Waismann Detox and has been the leading rapid drug detox program in the U.S. for almost 20 years.

In the last several years, other “rapid detox” centers have popped up around the country, offering overnight miracle cures without the proper safety protocols, follow-up care, facilities, and adequate professionals to perform the procedure. For many, the goal is to keep costs low and shuffle in as many patients as possible in a short amount of time. When it comes to detoxifying from opiates, WAISMANN TREATMENT of rapid detox stands out for many reasons. All of our patients usually spend 2 to 3 days in a private room of an accredited hospital to maximize detox safety, privacy and effectiveness of the procedure.

Other examples of rapid detox differences with WAISMANN METHOD ® include but are not limited to:

  1. Two Decades of Excellent Reputation

    Our doctors have been one of the pioneers of rapid detox. Their experienced and success with detoxification under sedation is unmatched. The well-being and safety of the patient is our top priority and we do not compromise that value to cut corners or expenses.

  2. The Difference Between Hospital and a Clinic or Surgery Center

    Being in an accredited hospital provides the services required for a thorough assessment of the patient, enables appropriate monitoring and allows for immediate access to services and specialists when necessary. The availability of a range of medical specialists including cardiologists, neurologists and gastroenterologist, helps us to best serve our patients who have varied medical histories. One of the advantages of a full service hospital, is the ability of modify the manner and length of the detoxification process, based on each patient’s medical needs.

  3. The Experience and Credentials

    Experience and professionalism set the Waismann Method of Rapid Opiate Detox apart from competitors. Our doctors are board-certified anesthesiologists and addiction medicine specialists, and have almost 20 years of experience performing detoxification under sedation. During this time, our doctors have performed this treatment thousands of times, and have continually improved upon the method, making it safer and more comfortable. Because of their experience, our physicians are able to tailor the treatment based upon each individual’s specific medical and personal needs to make it as safe and well-tolerated as possible.

    Others: Hire temporary anesthesiologists with unknown certifications or degrees, sometimes with no experience or less than a year of experience, with detoxification under sedation.

  4. The Custom Assessment

    Patients are admitted to their private room of our full-service hospital at least one day prior to undergoing the W Method ® of anesthesia detox. This way our experienced team of professionals have the needed time to perform a thorough assessment and examine each patient’s underlying health and medical needs, and ensure that each patient is stable for treatment. Each patient’s medical and drug use histories can be evaluated, and the most appropriate detoxification treatment can be selected.

    Others: In order to save money, some will have lab tests performed outpatient and admit patients only on the day of treatment. This could jeopardize safety and the result of the procedure by not knowing what the patient ingested in the previous 24 hours (from food to different drugs that can interact with the drugs given during treatment). Not knowing the reaction patients will have with different medications can affect the entire procedure.

  5. The Length of Time Inpatient and Under Sedation

    Waismann Method® requires most patients to remain under our professional care for 5 to 7 days. Opiates affects the function of a number of basic organs. It is crucial to the well being of the patient, that the proper medical supervision is present before, during and after anesthesia detox. As a result of our specialized pre-treatment, the time under sedation required to complete the detox process is significantly reduced, usually to an hour and a half or less, keeping the risk of any sedation-related complications to a minimum.

    Others: Competitors may still be using old rapid detox protocols, where patients are under anesthesia for 4 to 8 hours and discharged to a hotel room within a day. Longer rapid detox procedures have become both unnecessary and archaic, with a higher chance of risks and complications. Physiological and mental changes that can occur after a rapid opiate detox need to be supervised and addressed by trained medical professionals in order to assist on basic organ function regulation and prevent unnecessary medical risks or even immediate relapse.

  6. Complete Opiate Free Detox

    When we describe opiate detoxification, we mean complete detoxification. We don’t use opiates to treat an opiate addiction. This substitution of other opiates in place of the drug of addiction is essentially what many other “drug treatments” opiate detox programs do. The goal of WAISMANN METHOD ® RAPID DETOX is to safely and comfortably eliminate all opiates and cleanse all brain and body receptors of opiates to allow for an opiate-free life.

    Others: A number of drug treatment programs use substitution drugs such as Suboxone, replacing one opiate for another instead of detoxifying. This means that eventually, patients might suffer through a painful withdrawal or go through a true detox in order to become opiate-free.

  7. The Immediate Aftercare

    Patients who abuse opiates, have usually been self-medicating physical or emotional pain, if not both. Once detoxed, it’s important to help patients during their transition period and pinpoint any potential underlying issues and triggers that might cause an immediate relapse. Patients brain function have been compromised and it’s very important to allow the proper time to adjust and stabilize at least so they can start making appropriate decisions. Waismann Method offers a COMPLETE RECOVERY PROGRAM combining hospital detox with Domus Retreat Recovery Center. At Domus, one receives individually prepared meals, biofeedback therapy, massage therapy, individual counseling, and around the clock assistance in a private, comfortable and caring environment.

    Others: Competitors may not have immediate post detox care available and simply send patients to a traditional drug rehab or to a hotel with a family member with very little knowledge and preparation to assist the patient properly.

  8. The Dignity

    WAISMANN METHOD ® RAPID DETOX treatment provides the safest and most humane opiate detox for thousand of patients. It has allowed individuals to return to a healthy and productive life, with their dignity intact. We never make our patients feel guilty or shameful about their condition. We know our patients didn’t intend to become addicted. In most cases, it happens after being prescribed potentially-addicting narcotic drugs and developing a tolerance to these drugs, or simply trying to numb emotional pain. We empathize with our patients and assure them that they are not alone. So if you ask what are the real rapid detox differences? They differ on the safety of the detoxification process, the effectiveness of the treatment, and the comfort of the patient.

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