What is the Waismann Method® of Rapid Opiate Detoxification?

In the late 90s, we developed the Waismann Method ®  of Rapid Opiate Detoxification to provide a safe, comfortable, and highly effective opiate dependence solution for our patients.  Unlike other drug treatment programs, the Waismann Method® specializes solely in the treatment of opiate dependence.  We offer multiple forms of medical opiate detoxification, but world-renowned for our success with anesthesia-assisted detox. Our medical detoxification procedures are performed in an Accredited Full-Service Hospital under the supervision of a team of medical specialists. During the detox phase, patients receive their own rooms and around the clock medical care to ensure the utmost level of privacy, comfort and individualized care.

Once medically stable, patients move to our exclusive Domus Retreat Recovery Center for a few days. At Domus Retreat, we provide a team of addiction professionals and mental health experts to assist clients through the physical, emotional changes, associated with the recovery from opioid dependence.  This stage of treatment is crucial to the physical and emotional well-being of the patient, as new symptoms or pre-existing conditions may emerge. The assistance and supervision provided, helps decrease the risk of for medical complications and immediate relapse.

We value and respect each one of our patients. We are committed to providing highly personalized, nurturing, and superior comprehensive care.


What is the Waismann Treatment Opioid Detox Protocol?

We do not believe in a one-size-fits-all approach to treatment for opiate dependence.  Using a single protocol would ignore our patients’ diverse medical, psychological, emotional, and interpersonal needs.  Plus, because of our setting in a full-service accredited hospital, we have numerous options to modify and customize each individual treatment.

Rather than trying to make the patient fit the services we offer, we tailor our services to each patient by making a detailed, individualized treatment plan for everyone we see.  This might include detox procedures of differing lengths, different dosages, types of medications provided, or decisions about whether or not to provide anesthesia, based on a patient’s health condition.


What Kind of Facility is the Waismann Method of Rapid Detox Performed?

Waismann Method® of rapid detoxification is performed in a private full service hospital accredited by the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations. Our anesthesia-assisted detox is performed in the Intensive Care Unit, while our other medical detox procedures are performed on an inpatient basis in the hospital.   Once patients are medically cleared, they are transferred to our exclusive aftercare for professional monitoring and assistance through the transitional phase.


Who ensures patient safety during Waismann Method of Rapid Opiate Detox?

Dr. Michael H. Lowenstein, our medical director, is a quadruple board-certified anesthesiologist who is an expert on opiate dependence and pain management. Dr. Lowenstein has nearly 20 years of experience providing medical care to patients undergoing medical opiate detoxification.  He has been sought for consultation and interviewed by the media, from around the world, due to his unparalleled expertise and experience.


Is Rapid Detox Dangerous?

As with any medical procedure, rapid detox can be as dangerous if there is a the of experience from the treating physician, if additional medical resources are not available at the facility and if length, time and protocol is not tailored based on each patients needs. At the Waismann Method ® Center, we simply do not cut corners when it comes to patient care.  All of our medical procedures take place at a full-service hospital, our director is a leader in the field of anesthesia-assisted detox, and we emphasize the importance of specialized, individualized care from pre-treatment assessment through aftercare.  Most importantly, we provide ample inpatient time for our patients to undergo an effective and thorough medical detoxification.

Opiate dependence takes a toll on the body, and withdrawal symptoms can be uncomfortable and sometimes dangerous to endure on your own.  For example, metabolic changes associated with long term opiate use could affect the heart, kidneys, and digestive system.  To protect our patients, it is crucial to provide around-the-clock medical care in a full service hospital with staff members specially trained to provide addiction care.


How long does sedation last for anesthesia-assisted medical detox?

Previous rapid detox protocols placed patients under general anesthesia for up to five hours, but these methods are now considered archaic. Additionally, spending a prolonged time under general anesthesia may pose unnecessary risk to the patient.  Instead, Waismann Method rapid opiate detoxification avoids general anesthesia and uses sedation.

Waismann treatment employs state-of-the-art methods to achieve a shorter sedation (usually 30 to 90 Minutes) process for our patients.  During this time, patients rest comfortably in their ICU private room, while receiving  medications to induce and speed the detoxification process.   Our medical experts carefully monitor patients before, during, and after deep sedation to ensure their safety.

What happens after the Waismann Method is completed?

After our patients complete detox at the hospital, they are transferred to our Domus Retreat, a full service post-detox retreat.  Depending on a person’s unique needs and desires, a stay at the Domus Retreat may last a few days or a couple of weeks.  There, a specialized team of psychotherapists, yoga teachers, massage therapists, addiction counselors, and related professionals help clients navigate this stage of recovery.  Throughout the client’s stay at the Domus Retreat, staff members provide individually prepared meals, 24/7 assistance and care, and housekeeping services.

What should I expect at the Waismann Treatment Center?

At the Waismann Method® Treatment Center, you can expect to receive the best medical care offered by leaders in the field of opiate dependence and medical detox.  We also pledge to treat all of our patients with dignity and respect.  At the Waismann Method® center, you receive care from a team of medical specialists who customize your treatment to make detoxification as safe, effective, and comfortable as possible.

Patients are admitted to private rooms with 24/7 medical care to ensure confidentiality, privacy, and comfort. Patients fly from around the world into our exclusive location, based only in So. California. From our world-class facilities at a full-service accredited hospital to our exclusive recovery retreat that provides exceptional and compassionate after care, you’re in great hands when you choose the Waismann Treatment.

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