Oxycodone is a potent narcotic pain medication available by prescription. It’s used by millions of people for moderate to severe pain relief and is found in the well-known medication OxyContin . It can be an effective pain reliever but also has a reputation to be habit-forming. An addiction to oxycodone can develop in those who abuse it but most people become dependent after receiving a legitimate prescription. Once a tolerance builds, people need to take more and more. Rehab is the collective term used to describe the numerous treatments and facilities that address drug or alcohol addiction. A responsible oxycodone rehab will safely and quickly detox patients in a supervised setting and manage the notoriously difficult withdrawal phase. The Waismann Method accomplishes this through a targeted and comprehensive medical approach to opiate addiction. We operate differently than most other rehabs. Our medical procedure takes less than two hours and uses intravenous medication to cleanse oxycodone from patients’ opiate receptors. Our total hospital stay is 2 to 4 days and includes pre-testing to rule out underlying medical conditions and around-the-clock monitoring after the procedure.

Waismann Method Offers Quick Detox that Alleviates Withdrawal

Most people don’t have weeks or months to spend in recovery. Work, life and family obligations often make quick treatment both necessary and preferable. Many other facilities require long stay while others suggest that those in recovery make a lifelong commitment to attend meetings or therapy sessions. We don’t believe you are an addict for life and we know you can recover completely. We also address the detox and withdrawal phase without using opiate replacement drugs such as Suboxone and methadone to wean you. We know these can lead to further dependency issues. If you abruptly try to stop taking oxycodone after regular or prolonged use, withdrawal symptoms can set in quickly and can be very painful. Withdrawal indicates the presence of a physical addiction. Many people avoid getting help for this because they fear withdrawal. The Waismann Method’s oxycodone rehab treats withdrawal in a humane manner that alleviates – even eliminates – most symptoms. The procedure is performed while patients sleep lightly under deep sedation and they awake without the awareness they experienced an accelerated withdrawal.

Safe, Discreet Oxycodone Detox Can Be Combined with Compassionate Aftercare

Our rapid detox is medically based to ensure safety and comfort of our patients. Our medical procedure happens in the safety of a hospital, under the supervision of caring doctors and nurses. Our holistic approach focuses on the mind-body connection, nutrition, exercise, recreation, communication, relaxation and balance for the return to school, work and social life. Our medical procedure answers the depletion of natural endorphins in nerve cells due to an external supply of opiates. For those who do wish to extend their recovery in a therapeutic, serene and pampering environment, we offer our Domus Retreat for transitional living. Here, patients can relax, regroup and recover through therapies that include biofeedback, massage and counseling. Accommodations include private suites and the services of a personal chef.

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