Anyone who takes oxycodone for any reason is at risk of developing a dependency if it’s taken regularly over an extended period of time. Oxycodone is an opiate (narcotic) medication available by prescription to treat moderate to severe pain. It can be habit forming and is an ingredient included in the powerful drugs OxyContin and Percocet. It should be noted that oxycodone can be taken safely. However, regular use can lead to development of a tolerance. This is when the body becomes used to the drug and no longer responds to effects at prescribed levels. This can lead them to take more and more oxycodone in an effort to chase pain relief. A physical dependence is evident if withdrawal symptoms develop once oxycodone use is stopped. Opiate withdrawal can be very difficult to go through without help because symptoms can be serious. They can include strong drug cravings, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, cramps, aches and pain, severe agitation, insomnia, restlessness, tremors and in severe cases, seizures.

Oxycodone Withdrawal Can Be Difficult to Overcome Without Help

The first hurdle in getting off oxycodone is to make a decision to get professional help. The right oxycodone treatment can help reverse the physical addiction quickly and will offer management of a potentially painful and degrading withdrawal. There are plenty of options when it comes to detoxing from this drug. Some people try to quit oxycodone cold turkey, or abruptly without any help. This is dangerous and not a good idea because of potential complications. It can also make long-term recovery hard to sustain. Others may try to wean themselves gradually by stepping down their dosage. This can be effective for some but doesn’t offer a quick solution. Patients may also enlist help from a detox or rehab facility. They can offer services that include pharmaceutically assisted detox, talk therapy, 12-step programs and group or individual counseling. An example of pharmaceutical detox can include the use of methadone or Suboxone to help wean patients from opiates. These highly controlled prescription medications are opiates as well and can also trap patients in a cycle of dependency.

There is Help for Oxycodone Addiction

The renowned Waismann Institute in California doesn’t believe that the use of these opiate replacement drugs is for everyone. It essentially trades one addiction for another. Our aim is to eradicate physical addiction in a manner that is safe, quick and effective. We use intravenous medication to cleanse oxycodone from patients’ receptors, wiping out the addiction once and for all. This takes less than two hours and patients are lightly anesthetized during it. The procedure accelerates withdrawal and patients awake from the procedure without the awareness they even experienced withdrawal symptoms. This managed withdrawal is compassionate and gives patients a dignified recovery. They are in the hospital 3 to 6 days and can return home once discharged. If they feel they need to extend recovery, patients can opt to transition in our Domus Retreat aftercare facility.

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