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Vicodin Home Detox

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Opiates are potent drugs that can create a painful withdrawal syndrome. Because of this,vicodin home detox can be risky to attempt, without any medical guidance or assistance.. Some patients try to wean themselves from Vicodin at home without medical oversight. Others may employ the services of a “home detox” company that may cut corners and not provide comprehensive services that are so needed at this time. Vicodin is a powerful opiate prescription medication containing the narcotic pain reliever hydrocodone and the non-narcotic acetaminophen. Patients can become dependent upon their medication after prolonged use. Others may use it recreationally or abuse the drug because they are addicted. The severity of withdrawal can depend on the length and severity of the addiction, as well as the dosage being taken. Tapering off the drug without help can be very difficult and time consuming. For many, this approach doesn’t work. Trying to quit Vicodin cold turkey is dangerous and can result in serious health complications.

Vicodin Withdrawal Can Be Difficult, Even Dangerous With Home Detox

Vicodin withdrawal is difficult to live through unless symptoms are managed by medical professionals. Symptoms can include diarrhea, nausea, vomiting, headaches, agitation, strong cravings, body aches, a “crawling” sensation, insomnia, restless legs, loss of appetite, sweats, chills and overall flu-like symptoms. In addition to the physical discomfort of home detox, it can also cause a distraction for patients. After all, many patients misuse and abuse their drugs at home and need a new, positive environment in which to detox. There can also be a temptation to return to old behaviors and patients may not have the support they need. Complications such as seizures may arise because a home detox means there are no medical personnel to oversee the withdrawal process. Even low-risk clients can develop problems at home during Vicodin detox.

Vicodin Detox Doesn’t Have to Be Intrusive, Lengthy or Painful

Some people may choose home detox over in-patient Vicodin treatment to protect their identity. Anonymity is never an issue for the Waismann Institute’s discreet detox program. Others may try to do this over a long weekend at home because they assume that professional detox means weeks-long or months-long stays in a facility. Waismann Method anesthesia assisted rapid  detox takes less than two hours and your entire stay with us between Hospital and Domus Retreat is usually 5 to 7 days inpatient. Our Vicodin treatment starts with different options offered for medical detoxification based on your medical and dependence requirements.  Medications are give intravenously while patients rest in the private rooms of our accredited hospital in order to provide the safety and comfort patients need. One of our main goal is to medically manage the withdrawal symptoms,  eliminate the unnecessary suffering and provide an effective detox. After just a few days, patients are free of Vicodin physical dependence and ready to move forward in their recovery. We also offer extended stay at our Domus Retreat aftercare facility . By treating the individual person and treating the disease of addiction from all angles, our patients are given the best chance to achieve lasting recovery

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