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Vicodin Dependency

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Lots of people are suffering with pain – from trauma, other injuries, surgeries and pain. Oftentimes, doctors will prescribe opiate-based (narcotic) pain relievers such as Vicodin. If the pain is short-term, there should be no problem, as long as the medication is taken within the parameters spelled out in the instructions for use.
Taking more than what’s prescribed, or taking it more often than necessary could spell trouble. But people who take opiates for a prolonged period will eventually develop a tolerance. The body becomes used to having the drug in the system and requires more and more to achieve the same effects. Physical Vicodin dependency can set in rather quickly, but this doesn’t mean the patient is addicted.

There Is A Difference Between Vicodin Dependency And Vicodin Addiction

Vicodin addiction is characterized by both physical and psychological dependency. People who suffer with this problem are often so compelled to get and take the drug that they will do just about anything. Drug addiction in general causes people to adopt compulsive and often, dangerous, behaviors.
Taking Vicodin consistently for a period may result in physical dependency. This, simply put, means that your body is used to the drug and will respond if it’s taken away. Physical opiate withdrawal symptoms will set in once use is stopped. This can also happen if you lower your Vicodin dosage once you are dependent.
Classic symptoms typical of opiate dependency include:
* Muscle aches
* Excessive tearing
* Runny nose
* Sweating
* Yawning
* Dilated pupils
* Cramps
* Diarrhea
* Nausea
* Vomiting
* Goose bumps
Some People Taper Their Use Of Vicodin; Others Opt For Detox
Many people do require long-term opiate therapy for ongoing pain. The best way to avoid problems is to work closely with the prescribing doctor on a pain management plan. He or she is supposed to prescribe the lowest possible dosage that will work to relieve pain. If it’s not adequate, a doctor can adjust the dosage or switch to another medication.
People who have to come off Vicodin may have a hard time if they’ve been taking it long enough. Some doctors will ask patients to taper their use to minimize Vicodin withdrawal discomfort.
If Vicodin use has turned a corner and seems to be escalating in any way, it’s best to get professional opiate treatment. Detox can help patients safely recover. Waismann Method Treatment is a renowned rapid detox center that can safely and quickly eliminate physical dependency. This happens in an accredited hospital where withdrawal is minimized – even eliminated. We also provide aftercare at Domus Retreat for patients who need to work on emotional or psychological issues tied to dependence.

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