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Stadol Precautions

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Stadol is a narcotic medication most often prescribed for migraine headaches and labor pain. There are some risks associated with its use so precautions and warnings should be followed closely. These can be found in detail on the drug’s prescribing label and accompanying informational page. Stadol, or butorphanol tartrate, is a synthetic opioid that comes in the form of injection and a nasal spray. Just because Stadol is prescribed by a doctor doesn’t mean it’s without possible complications. While it can be used safely by many patients, it also can be highly addicting, leading to physical and psychological dependence. The risks involved with taking Stadol or other opiates include side effects, drug and food interactions, allergic reactions, tolerance, dependency, overdose and a potentially severe withdrawal once use is stopped abruptly. Stadol needs to be taken exactly as prescribed. Misusing it or abusing it in any way can be very dangerous.

A Few Things You Should Know About Stadol

Stadol can cause respiratory depression and is very dangerous when mixed with other opiates and substances that depress the central nervous system. These include alcohol, other opiates, sleeping pills, tranquilizers and sedatives. Be sure to check the label – other prescription and over-the-counter medications can interact with opiates. Stadol addiction is also possible with prolonged use and is marked by impaired control over use of the drug, cravings and compulsive use despite harm. A physical dependence can occur within weeks of regular use but may develop in as little as a week. A physical dependence will result in withdrawal symptoms once regular use has been stopped suddenly. Stadol withdrawal is hard to deal with without the help of medical professionals. Symptoms are often intense and can include strong cravings, nausea and body shakes. Stadol detox that addresses a painful withdrawal is available and gives patients a safe, comfortable way to get better.

Physical Addiction to Stadol Can Be Managed Safely and Successfully

Waismann Method has treated thousands of people like you who have become dependent upon their prescription painkillers through no fault of their own. That’s why our Stadol treatment is designed to be the most compassionate, humane and discreet treatment available. Patients check into a hospital for 3 to 6 days and receive special medications intravenously. This medication cleanses patients’ opiate receptors, thereby eliminating the physical Stadol addiction. During this, patients are sleeping lightly under general deep sedation for the duration of the procedure, which takes less than two hours. They awaken without the conscious awareness that an accelerated withdrawal took place while they were anesthetized. This means that most or all of the symptoms develop and pass while patients are under. After being monitored closely, patients are evaluated by our medical staff for discharge and can then return home or transition in our Domus Retreat aftercare facility. Patients here can benefit from therapeutic and holistic treatments including massage, counseling and biofeedback.

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