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Poppy Tea Treatment for Addiction

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Treating a poppy tea treatment can be quick and done without unnecessary suffering. Poppy tea is a drink brewed from the pods or seeds of the opium poppy plant. The concentration of opiates in an individual batch of tea can be highly unpredictable, leading to serious side effects including overdose. Regular use of the tea can lead to the development of a tolerance, which means that people need to take increasingly larger doses to experience the effects of pain relief or euphoria. People may begin to escalate use at this point and physical dependence could develop. A physical addiction to poppy tea can manifest quickly and is marked by the onset of withdrawal symptoms once use is stopped suddenly. A host of treatment options is available including detox, rapid detox, poppy tea rehab, 12-Step programs and faith-based initiatives. Treatment can be long-term or short-term in nature, though most programs require a significant commitment of time. Many programs are ongoing, requiring that patients attend group meetings or therapy sessions.

Poppy Tea Treatment Can Be Medically Managed

Waismann Method offers a unique poppy tea treatment that is safe, private and effective. In just a few days in the hospital, patients can be fully detoxed, meaning the physical dependence is eliminated. This can be a scary prospect for patients who may fear the intensity of a long, painful and possibly degrading withdrawal syndrome. Opiate withdrawal symptoms usually emerges once physical dependence is present. These can include strong drug cravings, nausea, body shakes, extreme irritability and aches and pains. Our medical detox medically manage the symptoms of withdrawal, by inducing and speeding the process while patients are sedated in a full service accredited hospital.

Imagine Being Free of Poppy Tea Addiction in a Few Short Days

Waismann Method doctors perform opiate detoxification in a number of different ways, in order to fit the each patients specific medical and dependence needs. Our multi-board certified medical director is able to offer such individualized Poppy tea treatment, because of almost two decades of experience and accredited facilities. Waismann Method’s offers rapid opiate detox under sedation, where intravenous medications  are administered while patients rest comfortably under  sedation. This procedure takes less than two hours and speeds up withdrawal. Most symptoms develop and pass while patients are sleeping. From young adults to senior citizens, opiate-dependent individuals are different when it comes to recovery too – some benefit from anesthesia assisted rapid detox, while others prefer a modified medical approach without the use of sedation. Our poppy tea treatment relies on science and medicine to eradicate addiction quickly and thoroughly. Patients usually spend a total of 5 to 7 days inpatient with us  including the hospital stay and Domus Retreat recovery facility.
Since the late 90s we have received thousands of patients from around the world, into our So. California opiate treatment center. Having only one exclusive location, allows us to fully focus in providing the best and most individualized opiate addiction treatment available.
Give our recovery experts a call at 310-205-0808 and ask about the options we offer. If comfort, privacy and success is what you are searching for, you have found it!

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