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Opium Treatment

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As the problem of opiate addiction continues to rise, a number of treatment facilities are popping up, offering a variety of opium treatment options, including    inpatient medical detox, rehab, 12-Step programs, behavioral therapy and faith-based initiatives. Opium addiction is serious and needs to be treated by professionals. Not all Opium treatment programs are the same. In fact, many fall short of their intended goals. In order to be successful, a patient must be detoxed medically to ensure safety, and the difficult withdrawal period needs to be managed to make patients comfortable. Patients should also have access to continuing care if they need it once the physical addiction is eliminated. Waismann Method offers safe, comprehensive and effective detox for opiates. Opium is a powerful narcotic drug that can be used for pain management. Some people use it for recreational reasons and  its euphoric effects, while some become addicted and escalate use or abuse it in other ways. Opium is also synthesized to produce prescription opiate painkillers such as OxyContin, Percocet, Demerol and Vicodin.

Safe & Quick Opium Treatment

Treatment for an opium addiction can be accomplished safely and quickly, minimizing pain and suffering for patients. Waismann Method’s thorough program begins with medical detox performed in an accredited hospital. We use intravenous medication that cleanses the opium from patients’ opiate receptors, in other words inducing and speeding the withdrawal in the most comfortable way possible. Patients are lightly sedated during the withdrawal period while they rest in their private hospital rooms. Our procedure speeds up withdrawal and patients rests while symptoms such as nausea, body aches and agitation are ocurring. Let’s face it – the fear of withdrawal is what keeps so many people from seeking help with addiction. And we believe you’ve suffered enough already. This management of withdrawal gives patients the most comfortable opium treatment and detox and helps them to better avoid a future relapse.

Waismann Method’s Thorough Detox and its Inclusive Recovery Retreat

Unlike many other facilities, we don’t rely on weaning patients by giving them Suboxone or methadone; patients that complete our detox program become opiate free; our goal is to help you end dependence once and for all in the most comfortably and effective manner. We’ve done this for thousands of patients from across the world, and we can do it for you.
Patients typically stay in the hospital 2-4 days until they are medically stable. Then they are transferred to Domus Retreat, our licensed aftercare facility that helps them transition into an opiate-free life as their bodies are re-learn to regulate basic functions that may have been impaired due to their opiate use. Domus Retreat allows our  patients to recuperate mentally and physically in a comfortable home-like environment with the compassionate care and help of our professional staff.

If you or your loved one has decided that a professional opium treatment is needed, give us a call at 310-205-0808. Let us assess your present condition and discuss available treatment options. Don’t let another day stand between you and a healthy, sober life. We are here for you!

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