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Lortab Detox

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Lortab Detox Waismann Method

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Finding the Right Lortab Withdrawal Treatment

It is important to note that a successful Lortab addiction treatment starts with an effective detox. Lortab detox can be difficult because the drug falls into the opiate category, causing both long-term mental and physical addiction. A specialized medical facility can provide the necessary support. Furthermore, no matter how much or how long the Lortab use has been, detoxing at a medical facility is always the safest option. Withdrawal symptoms can lead to complications and severe health issues that require immediate medical attention. For this reason, enrollment in an inpatient, Lortab withdrawal treatment program is a wise choice. Another key point is that detoxing in a fully-accredited medical hospital such as Waismann Method® provides 24-hour medical assistance, ongoing medical monitoring, and vital signs management.

Lortab is an addictive drug. Those who have become dependent and are seeking a Lortab withdrawal treatment should contact us.

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The Waismann Method of Lortab Detox

Lortab detox, performed by Waismann Method® is a medical procedure that induces and speeds the withdrawal while the patient sleeps. Lortab addiction is a serious problem in the United States and tends to happen quickly to unsuspecting individuals who have been prescribed Lortab® for legitimate pain reasons. Lortab addiction creeps up quickly. Once addiction is prominent, it’s too late to find an easy solution to get off the drug.
Professionals should treat Lortab addiction as a physical condition. The Waismann Method uses an advanced rapid detox method of Lortab detox. We have provided unparalleled results for over 22 years.
The medical director performs the Lortab detox treatment in a full-service hospital. The medical team follows you every step of the way from admission to discharge. Additionally, staff assists you in creating a plan for remaining opiate-free once you complete your Lortab detox program.
During Lortab rapid detox treatment, the anesthesiologist uses IV medications to cleanse the body’s opiate receptors. The patient sleeps under moderate sedation during the process. The goal is to rid the body of physical addiction, so the patient literally sleeps through physical withdrawal. Furthermore, the Waismann Method eliminates the cravings that often accompany traditional opiate detox treatments.
The Waismann Method® allows most patients to return to a productive life in a matter of days. Our treatment allows most patients to return to a productive life in a matter of days and eliminates the need to spend months in hospitals or rehab programs. Waismann Detox® program allows our patients to continue their treatment recovery process in our private post-detox facility, Domus Retreat. Having the right aftercare can make a patient’s regulation period safer, smoother, and more successful.
Waismann Method® is proud to say that we have the highest success rate of any other Lortab detox facility in the country.

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