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Kadian Detox

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Kadian detox should be handled professionally by medical personnel who know what they’re doing. Detox is the first step in a total recovery process which can be accomplished safely and successfully. Kadian is a narcotic prescription painkiller used to manage moderate to severe pain. It contains morphine sulfate, a potent opioid. Kadian can be addictive and has the potential to be abused. Other problems can include serious side effects, overdose and painful withdrawal symptoms. So many people delay getting help for an addiction because of a fear of withdrawal. These symptoms can be managed effectively with the Waismann Method of Rapid Detox. We safely manage withdrawal to ensure the comfort of patients. This is accomplished through the administration of intravenous medications that cleanse the Kadian from patients’ opiate receptors. When the body begins to detox from a physical addiction to Kadian, painful withdrawal symptoms can develop within hours of last use. Our procedure minimizes – even eliminates – most of the painful symptoms.

Safe, Confidential and Quick Kadian Detox Offered by Waismann Method

We offer a private, discreet setting for Kadian detox, performed in a hospital under the careful watch of doctors and nurses. Our medical procedure takes less than two hours and our total required hospital stay is 2-4 days. Some detox and rehabilitation facilities focus on one area of addiction – physical, psychological or behavioral. The Waismann Method’s in-depth and supportive approach to Kadian detox cleanses drugs quickly from patients’ systems. They awake from light sedation opiate-free and without awareness of the accelerated withdrawal that took place during the procedure. It can be very dangerous for patients to attempt to detox from Kadian without help because serious medical issues could arise that require medical attention, such as high blood pressure, seizures and convulsions. Waismann Method doesn’t use opiate replacement therapy with Suboxone or methadone to wean patients. We know these “replacements” can cause dependency issues also and the need for a second detox.

Waismann Method and Domus Retreat Provide Safe, Discreet Kadian Treatment

The Waismann Method approach to opiate detox is humane and supportive. We don’t feel it necessary to assign blame or make guests feel guilty or shameful about their reasons for needing treatment. We know you didn’t intend to become dependent upon your prescription medication. Our Domus Retreat also maintains the highest standards in safety, comfort and confidentiality. Our therapeutic setting offers guests the chance to relax and be pampered. Finding the right place for Kadian detox can make all the difference. Our caring, supportive environment allows guests a relaxing getaway where they are able to take advantage of biofeedback, one-on-one counseling, massage and other therapies. You should never try to go it alone when it comes to detoxing from opiate dependency. The Waismann Method’s safety and success rates are unparalleled in the field and we promise to help you find your way back to the life you’re meant to live.

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