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Happy New Year, 2015!

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2015 Colorful

If you’re like most people, your personal and professional life may have been chaotic in the past year. We hope that New Year’s Eve is a time for quiet reflection to remember what you are thankful for, including friends, family and life itself. It’s also the perfect time to set new goals. Most people resolve to save money, organize their home, get healthy or spend more time with family. In fact, more than 40% of Americans make a New Year’s resolution, but only 8 percent actually achieve them. So how do those 8 percent do it? Here are some suggestions.


Keep it Simple and Tangible

Finding simplicity in the New Year is about more than just making resolutions – it’s about making choices that culminate into a happier, healthier lifestyle. Yes, there are task management apps, but if they haven’t worked in the past, they won’t work now. Instead, write down your goals or hang a progress chart on a wall to provide the motivation that you need.

Less is More

Turn off the television and have some quiet time. Adopt an evening routine that promotes relaxation and meditation, such as taking warm baths, drinking chamomile tea or reading a good book. Music can do wonders to uplift your spirit. Try putting on your favorite tunes and cleaning your home. A clean home helps to clear your mind so that you can focus on future goals. On weekends, tackle larger things on your to-do list like decluttering closets or you can start small with a junk drawer.

Health is the New Wealth

How you feel physically affects every aspect of life. Make it a point to get more exercise, even if it’s just a walk around the block after dinner. Regular physical activity improves both your mood and takes off extra pounds. Fewer pounds might even mean less pain and discomfort so you need fewer pain pills. Be sure to set fitness goals that you can easily achieve and maintain. Maintaining a healthy diet and building muscle can improve your self-image and give you a brighter outlook on life.

New Life in 2015

If you struggle with substance abuse, sobriety will help you deal with the everyday stresses and problems you may face in 2015. You may have tried opiates or other drugs to dull pain or ease anxiety. You may have even tried them for recreational purposes. However, drugs only make problems worse. Seek treatment if you struggle with addiction and suggest treatment if you know someone else who is struggling. In addition, discard prescription drugs when you no longer need them for the prescribed illness. You will feel healthier, look younger and reduce your risk for problems such as addiction, dependence, legal trouble and even a possible overdose.
Waismann Method ® Medical Group has helped thousands of people achieve healthy goals for more than a decade. If your New Year’s resolution is to get sober, for yourself and your family, there is help. Our compassionate and caring professionals are here to assist you and your loved ones all year. We wish you and your family a happy and safe New Years. The caring professionals at Waismann Method ® want to assure you that you can find a happier life in the upcoming year and for many years to come.

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