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Darvon Detox

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Having to face a Darvon detox can be daunting, prompting fears about the pain and suffering so common with opiate withdrawal. Darvon is an opiate prescription medication used to treat mild to moderate pain. Like all narcotics, Darvon can be habit-forming, leading to dependence and addiction. Other serious problems can arise, such as overdose which can be fatal.  The body goes through withdrawal when the supply of opiates is stopped abruptly. Because of the potency and power of opiates, it’s not recommended that patients try and go through withdrawal alone.  Symptoms can range from nausea and vomiting to body shakes and hallucinations. Waismann Method’s rapid opiate detox for Darvon addiction can get you free of your opiate addiction quickly. Our unique method manages withdrawal so effectively that pain and suffering is wiped out, allowing patients to focus on wellness.

Darvon Addiction Can Develop Over Time, Prompting the Need for Detox

Nobody sets out to have a prescription painkiller addiction. With most patients, this happens over a period of time after regular use leads to the development of a tolerance. Once this happens, patients should talk to their doctors about pain management alternatives or other drugs which can help. Unfortunately, many people begin to escalate their use of Darvon, taking more and more in an effort to relieve pain. Addiction can develop rapidly from this point. In some cases, Darvon addiction and the need for detox develops because of recreational use. This is extremely dangerous and people should never use drugs for which they don’t have a valid prescription. Darvon detox is best handled in the safety of a medical setting where doctors and support staff can monitor patients closely. Opiate withdrawal, in severe cases, can include life-threatening reactions including seizures.

Expert Darvon Detox from Waismann Method Gets You Back On Your Feet Quickly

Waismann Method’s Darvon detox allows patients to recover comfortably and safely in a hospital. Patients are admitted and undergo tests to rule out any possible underlying medical conditions. The detox procedure takes less than two hours and uses intravenous medication to rid the patients’ opiate receptors of Darvon addiction. Board-certified anesthesiologists lightly sedate patients during the procedure which also accelerates and minimizes the withdrawal phase. Patients awaken opiate-free and without the awareness the withdrawal symptoms developed and passed while they were under anesthesia. Post-monitoring comes next and patients are discharged when medical staff says it’s safe. Our total required hospital stay is 2 to 4 days, getting you back to the life you deserve much quicker than other Darvon treatment programs. We know patients have lives, families and careers to return to and they’re free to do so once they’re discharged. However, some patients wish to extend recovery in our Domus Retreat aftercare facility for transitional living. Patients here relax and regroup in a pampering, supportive environment with services such as biofeedback, relaxation, holistic care and group and individual counseling.

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