Detox is the first step in any responsible recovery program. It can be an intense process but one that can be medically managed by professionals. This helps to ensure safety and maximize your chance of long-term recovery. Opana is a narcotic prescription medication used to treat moderate to severe pain. It’s the brand name for oxymorphone, a potent opioid that can be potentially habit-forming and susceptible to misuse and abuse. Tolerance, physical and psychological dependence and addiction can all develop with regular use of Opana. Waismann Method treatment of rapid detox offers renowned rapid detox for Opana addiction. When the body begins to detox from a physical addiction to Opana, painful withdrawal symptoms can develop within hours of last use. Our procedure minimizes – even eliminates – most of the painful symptoms.

Waismann Method Treatment: When Safety and Privacy Matter

At our facility in southern California, Opana addiction is treated in a safe and effective manner in our ultra-private setting. Detoxing from Opana is our first priority, achieved during an in-hospital medical procedure that takes less than two hours. In many cases our guests became addicted to Opana or other opiate drugs through no fault of their own. Our approach to treatment is humane and supportive. We don’t feel it necessary to assign blame or make guests feel guilty or shameful about their reasons for needing treatment.

Thorough and Supportive Opana Detox without the Use of Replacements

Some detox and rehabilitation facilities tend to focus on one area of addiction be it physical, psychological or behavioral. Waismann Method’s in-depth and supportive approach to Opana detox uses intravenous medicine to cleanse the drug from patients’ systems. They awake from light sedation opiate-free and without awareness of the accelerated withdrawal that took place during the procedure. It can be very dangerous for patients to attempt to detox from Opana on their own because serious medical issues could arise that require medical attention, such as high blood pressure, seizures and convulsions. Waismann Method doesn’t use opiate replacement therapy with Suboxone or methadone to wean patients. We know these “replacements” can cause dependency issues also and the need for a second detox.

Domus Retreat Offers Relaxing, Supportive Environment
Domus Retreat is our world-class drug and alcohol addiction center that provides clients with a safe, confidential aftercare facility where they can opt to stay if they wish to continue recovery. Our therapeutic setting offers guests the chance to relax and be pampered. Finding the right place for Opana detox can make all the difference. Our caring, supportive environment allows guests a relaxing getaway where they are able to take advantage of biofeedback, one-on-one counseling, massage and other therapies. You don’t have to continue suffering the pain and devastation that comes from opiate addiction.

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