Methadone Treatment can be Difficult Due to Long-term Mental and Physical Addiction.

Methadone is not a cure for opioid addiction. Instead, it’s a maintenance drug physicians prescribe to help patients get off other opiates. In addition, it blocks the euphoric effects of other opioids. While Methadone treatment can allow some to stop the heroin or painkiller abuse, the success rate is low because patients are still physically dependent on an opiate. Methadone is a very strong and mood-altering drug. It’s also much harder to detoxify off than most other available opiates. This is especially true at an outpatient level of care. Even when patients try a very slow taper (sometimes years), Methadone withdrawal symptoms can be extremely uncomfortable and often unbearable. This can drive patients to immediate relapse during the tapering period in order to relieve suffering.

Many Methadone clinics offer patients to elect to stay on Methadone Maintenance for lack of other options. Other detox treatment centers, through the lack of knowledge of their medical staff, ignore opiate induced chemical deficiencies caused by dependency. Sadly, this lack of advanced medical knowledge helps maintain their revolving doors and prejudice of “drug addict” behavior. However, these are usually not the best solutions. Patients should have real options to become drug-free and compassionate, effective methadone treatment should be available.

Methadone Detox

Many rehab programs offer detox. At an outpatient level, the patient completes a slow taper, as discussed above. Most inpatient rehabs offer supervised withdrawal which they consider medical detox. Typically they admit a patient to a shared room and a doctor prescribes medications to help lessen withdrawal symptoms. The staff checks on the patient while they tolerate the full length of the withdrawal symptoms. Unfortunately, this detox does not take place in a hospital and offers a low success rate. Patients often do not complete the treatment because they cannot get through the weeks of symptoms. Furthermore, this method doesn’t simultaneously monitor and address the patient’s physical, medical and emotional condition.

Methadone Treatment under sedation offers a humane and effective solution for patients suffering from Methadone addiction. Our Methadone Treatment combines correcting chemical imbalances, psychological evaluations and the latest medical techniques to control cravings.

Waismann Method Medical Group is world-renowned for its anesthesia-assisted rapid drug detox. Our program maintains the highest success rate in the field of opiate detoxification over the past two decades. We view Methadone addiction as a treatable physical condition using advanced medical techniques. We diagnose the true cause of addiction and treat the biochemical cause of your cravings. Staff always treat patients suffering from Methadone abuse with dignity and respect.

Methadone Treatment with the Waismann Method is Safe, Effective and Compassionate.

Waismann Method is a combination of the most advanced in-patient medical detox techniques (specializing in rapid detox) and immediate post detox professional care. Together with our exceptional standards of safety and patient care, we have a complete methadone detox program that is not only safe but incredibly effective. We are actually able to treat patients on very large doses that, in the past, had no safe detox options.

Our Multi-Board Certified Medical Director is able to induce and speed a patient’s Methadone withdrawal while the patient sleeps comfortably in their private rooms of our JCAHO Accredited Hospital. While the patient is sedated, the medical director uses IV medication to cleanse the body’s opiate receptors of all opiates. The goal is to rid the body of physical dependence so the patient literally sleeps through the precipitated withdrawal syndrome. The Waismann Method techniques have succeeded to eliminate most of the physical cravings that often accompany traditional methadone treatments. Patients from all over the world fly to our exclusive location, based only in Southern California.

After a 2 to 4-day inpatient hospital stay, we provide inclusive additional care at our private recovery retreat. This transitional care ensures patients are recovering as well as they should be. This is part of our rigorous safety protocol and is one of the numerous reasons that set us apart from all other overnight rapid detox centers.

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