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Finding the Right Methadone Withdrawal Treatment

It’s important to note that a successful Methadone withdrawal treatment, starts with an effective detox. In fact, the initial period of Methadone detoxification can be quite intense, and a specialized medical facility can provide necessary support. Furthermore, no matter how much or how long the Methadone use has been, detoxing at a medical facility is always the safest option. Withdrawal symptoms can lead to complications and severe health issues that require immediate medical attention. For this reason, enrollment in an inpatient, Methadone withdrawal treatment program is a wise choice. Another critical point is that detoxing in a fully accredited medical hospital such as Waismann Method provides 24-hour medical assistance, ongoing medical monitoring, and vital signs management.

Methadone is highly potent and addictive drug. Those who have become dependent and are seeking a Methadone withdrawal treatment should contact us.

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GEt off Methadone with Waismann Method

Detoxing, Tapering and Weaning off

The process to get off Methadone could be one of the hardest things to physically and emotionally one can endure. People dependent on prescription painkillers and other opiates may use methadone to help in the weaning process. Methadone is an opioid replacement drug to treat addiction, or in some instances, also to control pain. Regardless the real reasons one decides to use Methadone, the drug is an opioid as well, meaning, it also has a great potential to be habit-forming.

Methadone is a Schedule II Controlled Substance and heavily regulated. The drug is supposed to be available only through licensed methadone clinics or at a doctors office, but it also widely found on the black market. Often opioid users acquire the drug by illegally purchasing off someone with a prescription.

Many Methadone clinics and detox facilities offer this drug to maintain people from withdrawing from other opiates. It was initially introduced to the market to keep heroin users from resorting to crime to get high. Methadone is a potent narcotic, and maintenance therapy can be a lengthy process. Many people who desired to be free of opiate dependence find themselves becoming addicted. These people may need medical help to get off methadone because of how painful, and lengthy methadone withdrawal is. Trying to wean from methadone gradually may work for some people, but most, find the process extremely difficult and painful.


The Best Way to Get off Methadone

For many, an opiate addiction is replaced by a methadone addiction, and patients feel trapped in the same cycle. For the people that truly desire to be opiate free, medical detoxification is usually the best option.  Using a cold-turkey approach for getting off methadone, can be painful and difficult, regardless what dosage you are taking. It some cases, withdrawing on your own, can also be dangerous.

A rapid detox for methadone is an option that has shown to be much more effective than other treatments.   The Waismann Institute, based in So. California has one of the highest success with rapid methadone detoxification treatment. The Waismann detox staff goes above and beyond what other nonhospital-based programs can offer. Furthermore, the unparalleled safety protocol provided ensures the success of the procedure. The focus of the Waismann Method is to help patients get off Methadone as quickly and as comfortable as possible.


Methadone Detox can Minimize Withdrawal

The cornerstone of the Waismann Method treatment is withdrawal management. Being able to skip weeks of suffering through a Methadone withdrawal essentially, gives patients hope. A medical detox It also eliminates a lot of the anxiety and fear that keeps so many from getting the help they need. Waismann treatment, ensures patients are as comfortable as possible during the acute detox phase.  The rapid detox occurs while patients are sleeping under sedation, which usually takes less than two hours. Patients awake without the awareness of the rapid detox procedure and embark on the road to recovery. The program requires an inpatient stay of 10 days, between the hospital and our private recovery retreat.

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Waismann Method® treatment, ensures patients are as comfortable as possible during the acute detox phase. The rapid detox occurs while patients are sleeping under sedation, which usually takes less than two hours.

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