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Rapid Detox Cost and Benefits

Find out what the quantity and quality of care you will receive.Rapid Detox Cost | Waismann Method

It is important to understand the cost of Rapid Detox and the benefits you receive. Treatment quality is often directly correlated with cost.”You pay for what you get” and in the case of Rapid Detox, this rule is no different. You can only evaluate the real cost based on the quality and quantity of medical services you will receive.

Sadly enough, Rapid Detox Centers have received some negative reviews due to some providers’ attempts to cut rapid detox costs and treat more patients. Consequently, reducing the safety, comfort and success of the procedure.

We understand that rapid detox cost can be a huge sacrifice; it may put a financial strain on families and individuals. Unfortunately, the success and safety of the detoxification treatment are put at risk when cost becomes a priority. Knowledge is one of the most influential tools you have when choosing a medical procedure. Therefore, we encourage you to do a thorough research and ask the essential questions.


What are the Most Important Questions to Ask a Rapid Detox Center?

Quantifiable factors to consider when evaluating Rapid detox cost and quality of care:

  1. Will you be admitted to an accredited hospital?
  2. Does the medical facility have additional medical specialist and recourse if an emergency presents itself?
  3. Are you in a private room, or do you have to share your detox experience with strangers?
  4. Will you be admitted the day prior to Rapid Detox for adequate assessment and proper knowledge of your unique medication response? That is how the doctor will know what and how much to use during the procedure.
  5. Is the rapid detox procedure performed a patient at a time and in a private ICU room?
  6. Are there additional detox options based on your medical needs?
  7. Are you allowed to stay longer in the hospital if medically needed? Or is there a preset discharge time, regardless of how you feel?
  8. Will you remain at the medical facility with adequate care for at least a day post detox, or is the responsibility put upon a friend or family member?
  9. Is a specialized recovery center included for a few days of recuperation, or are you sent to a hotel room?

Unquantifiable factors to consider that can genuinely dictate the cost of what you are paying.

  1. What accreditation does the medical facility have?
  2. Is the MD that is treating you board certified and what are his/her certifications?
  3. How many years experience and with how many patients has the treating physician performed opioid detoxification under anesthesia?
  4. How many years has the treatment center been in business?
  5. What is their detox success rate?
  6. Is treatment inclusive of post-detox care and is it in a private-licensed facility?
  7. What other professional services and therapies are included to make the process safer, more comfortable and ultimately, more successful.


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What is Included in the Waismann Method® Rapid Detox Cost?

The benefits, safety and amenities included in the rapid detox cost with the Waismann Method are superior to any other treatment centers. More importantly, we designed our services to eliminate unnecessary anxiety or health risks. Our patients well bein is our number one priority.


  1. Rapid Detox CostHow much does Waismann Rapid Detox cost and what does it include? The cost of the Waismann Method® rapid detox treatment usually ranges from $17,800 to $22,800 for 5-10 days inpatient. Also, patients receive around the clock care. Prior to admission, medical staff evaluate each patient’s medical and dependency history to determine cost and length of stay.
  2. How many days of inpatient care are included? The total rapid detox cost with the Waismann Method, includes 5-10 days around the clock inpatient care. Usually 2-4 days in the hospital and an additional 2-7 days at our private recovery center, Domus Retreat.
  3. Does a family member need to accompany me? Absolutely not. Our patients are our commitment and responsibility and very seriously. Unless there are exceptional circumstances, we will provide all of the care. Although families and friends might have the best intentions, they don’t have training to ensure the proper assistance that patients need during and after detox.
  4. Do I need to share a room? Of course not. More importantly, we respect your comfort and privacy. Providing individualized attention is one of our differentiating factors. Thus, it is key to your treatment success.


Medical Services Available Exclusively For Waismann Patients

What Medical services are available for you? 

  • Admission to the private room of a full-service JCAHO Accredited Hospital.
  • A comprehensive pre-evaluation including, medical history, physical exam, cardiac assessment, laboratory testing, chest x-ray and toxicology screening.
  • The treating Medical Director is quadruple board certified and more importantly, has 20 years of rapid detox experience.
  • Rapid Detox Treatment in a private room of the ICU.  Particularly, in compliance with our rigorous safety standards.
  • Additionally, specialists such as cardiologists, neurologists, and gastroenterologist are available for consultation or if immediatly necessary.

Post Detox Services Also Included

What happens after my Rapid Detox? Is the recovery center part of the treatment?

We include several days of inpatient care in our private recovery center, Domus Retreat. As fast as we can remove the opioids from the receptors, the body is still detoxing. Consequently, there is important adaptation phase. Opiates have changed how different organs function, as well as your brain chemistry. Additionally, this dysregulation can affect how you feel emotionally and physically. Therefore, having knowledgeable professionals around you throughout this phase, can make the difference between success and failure. Our recovery center team has navigated thousand of patients comfortably through this process. The following are available services in our recovery center which are inclusive of the cost:

  • Anxiety assessment
  • Yoga
  • Tai Chi
  • One-on-one psychotherapy
  • Acupuncture
  • Massage therapy
  • Art therapy
  • 24/7 monitored care
  • Individualized, fresh and healthy meals designed to fit your dietary needs and gastrointestinal issues
  • Private suites


The Waismann treatment is for those who are not willing to risk privacy, comfort or safety. Hence, we designed our treatment for those seeking the very best way to detox from opiates. We have maintained twenty years reputation for being the leading provider of Rapid Detox. Our succes, is mainly due to our commitment to safety and exceptional individualized care.

Waismann Method® is the Wise Choice

Waismann offers you the best value while providing the safest and the most effective Rapid Detox available.

In conclusion, for nearly two decades, Waismann Method® physicians have set the standard for rapid drug detox throughout the medical community. During that time, our physicians have researched and initiated specific changes, enabling rapid detox for opiates to evolve into its current successful science.

Furthurmore, we offer a multitude of medical specialists and additional resources in our full-service hospital. Also, we provide a range of medical opiate detoxification treatment that best fits your needs. Most noteworthy, our medical director modifies opiate detoxification to accommodate each patient’s particular medical requirements. No two patient profiles are identical. Therefore, differences in personal, family and medical histories, along with behavior and psychological patterns, may require different treatment protocols.

If safety and results are your priority then the Waismann Method ® is your best rapid detox or opiate treatment option.

Rapid Detox Cost & Medical Opiate Detox Financing

What are the Payment Options?

Waismann Method® accepts various methods of payment including:

  • Cash
  • Cashier’s Check
  • Certified Check
  • Debit Card
  • Wire Transfer
  • Credit Card: Visa, Mastercard, Discover, AMEX

Credit Cards We Accept

Patient Financing for Out of Pocket Expenses

Finally, in order to make care accessible to all of our patients regardless of their financial situation, we’ve partnered with Parasail to find patient‐friendly payment plans that fit their needs. More importantly, Parasail is a different lender in the field of medical loans. Unlike credits cards, Parasail has fixed interest rate loans based on your financial information. They do not charge fees and you can make affordable payments to fit your budget to ensure that you get the care that you need.

With a single application, Parasail will search loan offers from all of the top online lenders without affecting your credit score – and you can select the right fixed-term loan option for you. Find more out about Parasail here.


Parasail Rapid Opiate Detox Financing


How Much Does Rapid Detox Cost? What are the Differences?
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How Much Does Rapid Detox Cost? What are the Differences?
How much does it cost to rapid detox? Waismann Method® rapid detox treatment usually ranges from $17,800 to $22,800 for 5-10 days inpatient and around the clock care. You can only evaluate the expense based on the quality and quantity of medical services that you receive. For nearly two decades, Waismann Method® physicians have set the standard for rapid drug detox throughout the medical community.
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