Codeine is a prescription analgesic approved for use in relieving mild to moderate pain. Physicians mostly prescribe it for pain relief, including back pain, IBS and cough. According to the World Health Organization, it is likely the most commonly used opiate overall. Codeine binds to receptors in the central nervous system that typically bind with the body’s own physiological opioids such as endorphins and enekphalins. When individuals abuse it  in high doses, it can provide feelings of euphoria. Prolonged use of codeine can result in tolerance, which means that some individuals might increase the daily ingested dosage to attempt to achieve the same results. These actions usually lead to abuse and dependency.

Codeine is in many drugs, including:

•Tylenol with codeine
•Nurofen Plus
•Prescription and over-the-counter codeine cough syrups


The abuse of codeine and other prescription medications has become a  serious problem worldwide, with addiction and physical dependence developing so easily and over such a short span of time that many people become affected. With millions of Americans abusing painkillers, it’s not surprising that so many drug programs have surfaced offering a variety of codeine treatment and detox programs. Codeine treatment centers or inpatient rehabs that treat codeine abuse, usually begin treatment of new patients with a medically supervised detoxification in order to ensure physical stability. Next, they design the after care plan based on each individual’s specific needs.


Codeine Addiction Treatment at Waismann Detox Center

The Waismann Method ® of medical detox offers a number of different individualized codeine treatment solutions in a  humane and effective manner.  Our treatment combines medical detoxification with regulation of  chemical imbalances in order to control withdrawal symptoms and physical cravings.

We have maintained one of the highest success rates in the field of opiate dependency for almost 20 years. At the Waismann Method  we treat codeine addiction as a physical disease that can be overcome with advanced medical techniques. We assess and detox each patient while treating the biochemical cause of the craving. Our multi-board certified medical director admits each patient to a private room of our full service accredited hospital.

Waismann Method ® in its exclusive location based in So. California, offers a variety of treatment programs tailored to the individual’s physical and emotional needs in the most safe, effective and humane manner available.