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Clare Waismann CATC – Certified Addiction Treatment Counselor and the Founder of the Waismann Method of Advanced Treatment of Opiate Dependence and Domus Retreat.

Clare has been an advocate for over two decades, about the unfair stigma and negative preconceived ideas associated with addiction and mental illness.

“The idea that people see addiction as a moral failing has maintained its victims scorned, discriminated and punished by society. This stigmatization and misunderstanding of substance abuse and mental illness have been harmful and often lethal to so many. We have the science and the resources to treat these conditions; all we need is to replace judgment and stigma with education and compassion.”

“OUR STORY” by Clare Waismann

For over 21 years I have provided opioid users with the highest level of individual treatment available. I put together the best team of professionals I could find so that people could receive comprehensive and effective treatment regardless of age, race or reason for the drug use.
Our detoxification in a private hospital offers a safe, effective and humane form of overcoming an opioid detox; but that does not suffice. I also created a recovery center, where people receive the attention and care needed throughout this transitional period.


Over the years, Clare has also provided her expertise on opiate addiction for a number of media outlets:


The sad intersection of fame, drugs, and death
“Shame is a powerful incentive to deny anything is wrong, says addiction specialist Clare Waismann.”


 U.S. News and World Report

 How to Save the Life of Someone Who’s Overdosing on Opioids

“Recognizing the signs [of an overdose] and being able to act rapidly could make the difference in saving someone’s life,” says Clare Waismann


WIRED Magazine

Instant Detox

“Rapid detox largely removed willpower from the experience – it was a concept Waismann…


ELLE Magazine

The Busy Woman’s Detox 

“We treat people with drug dependency, like human beings.”



Chet Hanks

“Most drug abusers are self-medicating feelings of stress.”


 Hollywood Life

Whitney Houston

“Alcohol and the Xanax can cause pulmonary issues.” 



Britney Spears

Addiction specialist Clare Waismann said: “She’s acting …


Christian Science Monitor

Prescription Drug Abuse

“The abuse of these strong drugs is an indication of …



Chris Kelly

Clare was also featured in the New York Times, LA Times, VOGUE,  TIME Magazine, Newsweek, US Weekly, Star Magazine, and many more media outlets nationally and internationally.

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