FDA Enacts New Drug Safety Regulations to Fight Against Opioid Epidemic

Opioid Painkillers

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration took a great step on July 23, 2020, by changing drug safety regulations for opioid painkillers. The FDA now recommends that patients with prescriptions for opioids receive adequate counseling about naloxone, the overdose-reversing medication. These changes represent a significant shift in the fight against the opioid epidemic and overdoses. […]

Pain and Opioid Painkillers: Understanding How Painkillers Affect Us

pain and opioid painkillers

It is important to understand the relationship between pain and opioid painkillers, how we feel pain, unexpected pain, and treatment. How We Feel Pain Pain is intuitive. Drop something heavy on your foot, and you immediately know something about pain. Pain is also remarkably complex. Why do some things barely register as painful for some […]

Prescription Drugs for Pain

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What are Pain Prescription Drugs Pain prescription drugs, known as opioids or narcotics, can provide individuals with relief from severe discomfort. However, the use of these medications comes with a high risk of addiction. In fact, prescription drug abuse has been on the rise over the past several years. Learn more about the facts and […]

Depression and Back Pain Increase Risk for Painkiller Addiction

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Recently, researchers analyzed data from a survey of roughly 5,400 people between 2004 and 2009. They found that patients suffering from back pain who were also diagnosed with depression were twice as likely to be prescribed opioid pain medication. The data also showed that these individuals often received twice the usual dose for their symptoms. […]

Prescription Drug Takeback Program

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On April 30 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) is partnering with local agencies around the country, giving the public its 11th opportunity in six years to prevent pill abuse and theft by ridding their homes of potentially dangerous expired, unused, and unwanted prescription drugs. You can bring unwanted pills […]

Opioid Painkillers: FDA Now Requires ‘Black Box’ Warning

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Drug overdose is the number one cause of accidental death in the United States, with an estimated 47,055 deaths from lethal overdoses in 2014. Opioids represent the bulk of these deaths, with 29,468 deaths (63%) due to prescription opioid painkillers or heroin. State and local governments have been scrambling to take action against opioid abuse […]

U.S. Senate Passes Bill to Combat Painkiller Abuse & Heroin Addiction

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  Senate Passes Bipartisan Opioid Addiction and Recovery Bill LOS ANGELES, March 16, 2016 – The Senate passed bipartisan legislation on March 10, 2016, designed to combat the opioid epidemic in the United States. The landmark bill is known as the Comprehensive Addiction and Recovery Act (CARA). It represents the largest legislative action to date, […]

Draft CDC Guidelines on Prescribing Opioids has Patients Worried

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The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has been at the center of a controversy brewing over updated prescribing guidelines for physicians. The CDC guidelines offer recommendations for primary care physicians who prescribe opioid painkillers to patients with chronic pain problems. This has been an area of concern for the CDC and other national […]

Potent Opioid Painkillers Use Grows

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Potent opioid painkiller prescriptions has been a growing concern over the past decade. According to statistics from the National Institute on Drug Abuse, enough prescription painkillers were prescribed in 2010 to medicate each American citizen every four hours for an entire month. Despite these alarming figures and worry about the addictive nature of these painkillers, […]

Emergency Rooms Crack Down on Painkiller Abusers

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Doctor shopping is a common technique used by painkiller abusers to obtain drugs whenever one physician stops writing them prescriptions. To curb this dangerous habit, most states have implemented drug tracking databases which allow physicians to lookup patients they feel may be abusing painkillers like Oxycodone and Hydrocodone. These databases have gone a long way […]