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Oxy IR Withdrawal

A detox from opiate painkillers means a patient will go through withdrawal which can be a daunting experience without help from a medical professional. Oxy IR withdrawal is similar to withdrawal experienced by all opiate medications. Oxy IR, a prescription opiate drug, is meant to treat moderate to severe pain. Taking it regularly for a […]

OxyIR Overdose

Patients who overdose on the prescription opiate OxyIR can suffer a host of symptoms, some which can be fatal. OxyIR is used to manage pain but carries special risks, warnings and precautions carefully spelled out in the label. Opiate overdose is a very serious matter. In most cases, overdose is accidental and can be brought […]

OxyIR Rehab and Detox

Making the decision to seek out a rehab for OxyIR addiction is the first step on the road to recovery. OxyIR is a powerful pain reliever available by prescription. It’s used to treat moderate to severe pain and is helpful to many patients. Some, however, develop a problem with the drug which is known to […]

OxyIR Treatment Options

Opiate addiction is a serious problem faced by an increasing number of people worldwide. OxyIR is an opiate medication used to manage moderate to severe pain. Possible OxyIR treatment options may vary and should be based on a number of individual factors . While the medication can be a useful tool in pain management for […]