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We also discuss many other opioid / opiate related issues, news, solutions, and facts. If you have any rapid detox questions, please feel free to also contact us directly.

About Waismann Method

We are one of the most successful opioid detox programs worldwide by providing the most medically advanced procedures available, in particular, Rapid Detox. Anesthesia Assisted Rapid Detox and other forms of effective medical detoxification are available options to patients from all over the world.

Patients fly to our exclusive location, in Southern California; they are received at the airport by a representative where their path to recovery starts. Waismann Method offers rapid detox and other forms of opioid detoxification treatment in a Full-Service JCAHO Accredited Hospital in Southern California. By focusing on one single location, we have been able to concentrate our efforts on remaining the leading Rapid Detox Center worldwide.


Closeup woman hand lying on the bed with pills. Drugs overdose or suicide concept.

How Often are Opioid Overdoses a Suicide

Opioids contributed to more than 50,000 deaths in the United States in 2016, according to the recent figures from the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention). Some of these deaths are unintentional, while others chose to end their lives by committing suicide. Determining how many opioid overdose deaths are actually a suicide is tricky…

x-ray of chest showing lungs with red indicating inflamation. Demonstrates the link between opioid use and pulmonary conditions

Link Between Opioid Use and Pulmonary Conditions

Opioids, including prescription painkillers and heroin, are best known for producing a sense of euphoria and numbness. These effects make opioid use initially seem desirable, though people who use opioids over long periods of time eventually develop a dependence on the drug. Although a large amount of research has focused on addiction and overdose related to opioid abuse,…

Front of Waismann Method Private Accredited Hospital

Waismann Method Treatment Program

Waismann Method ® offers a humane and effective solution, for those suffering from opioid dependence. ” Shame and judgment has no place in the treatment of substance abuse. Instead, let’s provide compassion, respect, and science. ” C.Waismann What is the Waismann Method® Treatment? The Waismann Method® is a form of treating substance abuse ( primarily…

Graph displaying Total US Drug Overdose Deaths from 1999 to 2017

Drug Overdose Deaths 2016

Drug Overdose Deaths Continue to Soar in 2016, Fueled by the Opioid Crisis The opioid crisis in the United States simmered for years before many lawmakers and citizens took notice. Now, as the drug overdose epidemic bubbles over into every sector of American society, public health officials scramble to find effective solutions. A new report…

Prescription pills bottle with text "prescription drug overdose - #1 cause of death for users under 50. 1000+ ER patients each day from prescription drug use

Prescription Drugs Abuse

Prescription drugs for pain, known as opioids or narcotics, can provide individuals with relief from severe discomfort. However, the use of these medications comes with a high risk of addiction. In fact, prescription drugs abuse has been on the rise over the past several years. Learn more about the facts and figures behind this growing problem.

Official sign of the Food and Drug Administration in front of office. This is where sublocade monthly opioid injection received approval

Sublocade Monthly Opioid Injection Approval

Amid the ongoing battle against opioid abuse in the United States, some public health officials have pointed Sublocade as the new FDA-approved silver of light medication for opioid treatment. Opioid addiction affected more than 2.5 million people in 2015, the most recent year figures were available, according to the American Society of Addiction Medicine. Public…