California’s close proximity to Mexico is one of the main reasons that diversion and abuse of pharmaceutical drugs and heroin addiction has increased in recent years. A discrepancy in laws between the two countries means that people can cross the border and purchase powerful opiate painkillers including OxyCodone and multiple forms of hydrocodone from pharmacies in Mexico. The U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration says pharmacies in Mexican towns bordering the U.S. are a major source of these controlled substances in the San Diego metropolitan area. The agency says Internet pharmacies have also helped smugglers bring illicit pharmaceuticals into the country through distributors in Tijuana.

Opiates such as Vicodin, Percocet, Dilaudid, morphine and OxyContin can be highly addicting, especially for those who take them long term or at high doses. Most people need professional assistance with opiate detoxification once a dependency sets in. For many, a dependency begins after legitimate use for pain leads to development of a tolerance. At this stage, people often turn to illegally diverted pharmaceuticals. Unfortunately, people in California and other states find that these are somewhat easy to obtain.

The DEA says prescription forgeries and instances of doctor shopping are behind most of the prescription drug abuse in San Francisco and Los Angeles. Doctor shopping is when people go from doctor to doctor in an effort to secure more than one supply of the drug. OxyCodone and Vicodin are among the most commonly abused pharmaceuticals in northern California, according to the DEA. The abuse of Dilaudid, Demerol and hydrocodone has become problematic in Los Angeles, the agency says, and in San Diego, the prescription drugs of choice are Vicodin, Vicodin ES, Vicoprofen and Lortab.

Pharmaceutical opiates most often diverted in California are those containing oxycodone and hydrocodone. Other methods of diversion are employee theft, illegal sale and distribution by healthcare professionals and pharmacy theft. The California Department of Justice’s Bureau of Narcotic Enforcement has a prescription drug-monitoring program in place to cut down on diversion and abuse.

Waismann Method ® Opiate Treatment Center

California has one of the best options for drug rehab and opiate treatment in the country. The nature of the condition requires that it be treated medically to ensure safety, completion and comfort during a difficult withdrawal. Waismann Method in southern California has received patients from around the world for almost two decades, who wish to receive opiate detoxification in a safe and secure environment.

Our doctors have successfully performed rapid detox and other forms of medical opiate detoxification, in it exclusive location, based in California. Due to our success, some treatment centers try to imply that they are affiliated with us. This is our only location; we are NOT affiliated with nor have we trained any other doctors or hospitals anywhere else.)

The Waismann Method staff monitors each patient carefully from admission to discharge. Our medical procedure takes place in a full service JCHAO Accredited hospital. and uses sedative medications to assist patients through the withdrawal phase in a most comfortable and effective manner.  Each treatment plan is based on a thorough evaluation administered  by a number of different medical specialists. Our quadruple board certified medical director. revisits the treatment plan frequently in order to maximize effectiveness and patients well being.

 Why are We Considered the Best Opiate Drug Treatment Center in California.

Through out the years, we have been able to put together the top medical professionals, with the most individualized treatment plan available. Waismann Method Treatmnet Center offers an unparalleled drug detoxification experience, uncommon compassion, privacy and is the drug rehab of choice for anyone wanting the the highest level of a medical treatment for opiate addiction.

If you have been looking at different Rapid Detox Centers, or drug rehabs in order to find the right program, you should know that Waismann Method has been one of the pioneers of what is known as “Rapid Detox”, ” Accelerated Detox” and ” Anesthesia Assisted Medical Opiate Detoxification”.

Our California treatment program offers superior medical services then most high quality drug rehabs, and provides a number of extra amenities and options for patients that desires, a longer rehabilitation program.

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