A private room gives patients the upmost individualized care and attention.

California has a Wealth of Opioid Addiction Treatment and Detox Options. Exclusive drug rehabs in California, from Malibu to San Diego cater to almost any specific amenities you might need. California is also known for being the home of the best Rapid Detox Center in the country. When patients are seeking privacy and safety, a medical detoxification is usually the best option. Furthermore, a private accredited medical facility offers a high level of care, combined with a low-stress surroundings, making the detox process much more comfortable, resulting in a higher success rate.

Prescription Opiates and Heroin Addiction

California’s close proximity to Mexico is one of the main reasons that diversion and abuse of pharmaceutical drugs and heroin addiction has increased in recent years. A discrepancy in laws between the two countries means that people can cross the border and purchase powerful opiate painkillers including OxyCodone and multiple forms of hydrocodone from pharmacies in Mexico. The U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration says pharmacies in Mexican towns bordering the U.S. are a major source of these controlled substances in the San Diego metropolitan area. The agency says Internet pharmacies have also helped smugglers bring illicit pharmaceuticals into the country through distributors in Tijuana.

Opiates such as Vicodin, Percocet, Dilaudid, morphine, heroin and OxyContin can be highly addicting, especially for those who take them long term or at high doses. Most people need professional assistance with opiate detoxification once a dependency sets in. For many, a dependency begins after legitimate use for pain leads to development of a tolerance. At this stage, people often turn to illegally diverted pharmaceuticals. Unfortunately, people in California and other states find that these are somewhat easy to obtain.

The DEA says prescription forgeries and instances of doctor shopping are behind most of the prescription drug abuse in San Francisco and Los Angeles. Doctor shopping is when people go from doctor to doctor in an effort to secure more than one supply of the drug. OxyCodone and Vicodin are among the most commonly abused pharmaceuticals in northern California, according to the DEA. The abuse of Dilaudid, Demerol and hydrocodone has become problematic in Los Angeles, the agency says, and in San Diego, the prescription drugs of choice are Vicodin, Vicodin ES, Vicoprofen and Lortab.

Pharmaceutical opiates most often diverted in California are those containing oxycodone and hydrocodone. Other methods of diversion are employee theft, illegal sale and distribution by healthcare professionals and pharmacy theft. The California Department of Justice’s Bureau of Narcotic Enforcement has a prescription drug-monitoring program in place to cut down on diversion and abuse.


How to Find the Best Rapid Detox or Opioid Addiction Treatment Program?

California offers the best options for drug rehab and opiate treatment facilities in the country. The nature of an opioid withdrawal often requires medical supervision to ensure safety and detox completion. The  Waismann Method  has provided one of the highest opioid detox success rates in history. The medical staff carefully assess patients unique needs to identify the best treatment protocol. We are world renowned for providing the best Rapid Detox Treatment, but we also have a plethora of unique medical detoxification methods which is modified and tailored by our experienced physicians.

Whether this is your first time considering a rapid detox or an opioid treatment it is perfectly natural to fear the unknown. It is important to know fact from fiction when choosing the best program.
Despite the fact that there is a significant amount of information on the internet,  a surprising number of people commit to a detox center, while knowing very little about what actually goes on during treatment.


Waismann Method® is Located “only” in California

If you have been looking at different Rapid Detox Centers, or drug rehabs in order to find the right program, you should know that Waismann Method has been one of the pioneers of what is known as “Rapid Detox”, ” Accelerated Detox” and “Anesthesia Assisted Medical Opiate Detoxification.” Our treatment program offers:

  • Superior medical services.
  • Two decades of rapid detox experience.
  • Private rooms.
  • Accredited hospital.
  • Multi board-certified physicians.
  • Exclusive recovery retreat.

The desire to quit is crucial in successfully making it through the detoxification, but it is not enough. Having adequate expert assistance from professionals who can help you through this, as well as compassion, structure, and support can make the process much easier.Patients from all over the world have found great success through this treatment. You don’t have to wait or to fear to seek treatment. You can start now making positive moves towards a better and healthier future.
The professionals at the Waismann, are trained to help you overcome your the withdrawal in the most comfortable, private and efficient way possible.  Regardless of which opioid you are using,  it is always better to go through detoxification under the guidance of trained professionals than trying to quit on your own.

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