Published on:
February 25th, 2010

Buying Stadol without a PrescriptionPrescription drugs can be just a few mouse clicks away. Some customers may try to save time and money by doing this but there are risks that have to be noted. Being selective when choosing a site can help safeguard your health and protect your finances. There are pharmacies operating online that are legitimate but plenty that are not. Some websites that claim to be pharmacies are not and just try to capitalize on the epidemic of prescription drug abuse and addiction. Some of them sell counterfeit or expired Stadol. This drug contains Butorphanol Tartrate, a synthetic opioid used for preoperative, pre-anesthetic and labor pain relief. It comes in injection form and as a nasal spray. Some people buy prescription meds online for legitimate health reasons. These people have a doctor-patient relationship and a valid prescription. Others may purposely seek out underhanded Internet sites because they use Stadol recreationally or to support an opiate addiction. This can be dangerous, illegal under U.S. law and punishable with jail time. Some sites claim to have doctors on staff that will write “cyber” prescriptions based on a questionnaire instead of a visit. This is not legal either.

This Information Can Help Protect You Against Online Prescription Fraud

The federal Drug Enforcement Agency is targeting these illegal online sites, trying to shut them down. Sites to avoid include those that offer drugs without requiring a valid prescription and those offering deals that seem too good to be true. Shady so-called pharmaceutical sites may offer only limited contact information, perhaps only an email address. This is not enough. A legitimate pharmacy will offer a physical address in the U.S., a working phone number and a contact person in case of problems. The issue in dealing with possibly rogue websites is that they may send the wrong drug, expired Stadol, drugs that have been tampered with or the wrong dosage. Sometimes, the drug will arrive without proper instructions and warnings. In some cases, people buying Stadol online have reported paying for the drugs but not receiving them. It’s also possible that irresponsible sites may not protect sensitive medical, personal or financial information.

Where to Get Help for Stadol Addiction

It’s always risky to buy prescription drugs online unless you’re dealing with a trusted and registered U.S. pharmacy. The National Association of Boards of Pharmacy lists safe, licensed U.S. pharmacy sites at People who use questionable sites to get Stadol may be engaging in “doctor shopping,” or securing more than one source to feed a Stadol addiction. This is extremely dangerous and could lead to prosecution or health complications including overdose. Waismann Method offers rapid detox to treat opiate addiction in a safe, quick and humane manner. Stadol addiction can be reversed in less than two hours with our rapid detox medical procedure. It uses intravenous and oral medication to cleanse the drug from opiate receptors. We also offer optional aftercare through our Domus Retreat aftercare facility.

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