Waismann Treatment is for Those Who Simply Wants the Best

About Us | The Waismann TreatmentUnless you just happened to stumble upon us at random, you came to this site for one reason – to learn more about what options the Waismann Treatment Center offers for opiate dependence and addiction. For almost two decades the Waismann Method®,  has been recognized as one of the premier opiate treatment centers in the world, specializing in rapid detox under sedation, and utilizing the most advanced medical techniques to treat opiate dependence. Located only in Southern California, Waismann treatment offers a variety of hospital based inpatient procedures and programs, from anesthesia assisted rapid opiate detox, to modified medical opiate detoxification methods in conjunction with our exclusive post care facility, Domus Retreat Recovery Center.

Domus Retreat is an intimate recovery center build exclusively to provide customized treatments based on an in-depth understanding of each individual.  What’s so unique about Domus Retreat is that no two programs are the same, because no two individuals are the same. We believe in treating the individual instead of the symptom, in order to successfully conquer opiate dependency.

We have integrated a variety of alternative therapies to help support physical and emotional recovery, including individual psychotherapy biofeedback, yoga, massage, and acupuncture.

After successfully helping thousands of patients overcome opiate addiction, we understand that one of the reasons relapse rate is so high with traditional detox programs, is because dependence is often viewed as the problem, rather than a symptom or coping mechanism.

The Waismann Method ® and Domus Retreat team, is wholeheartedly committed in doing our part by treating each and every patient with respect and understanding. Our staff is a diverse and committed group who understands the importance of creating and nurturing a responsive culture and our goal has been to provide the most comprehensive, safe and dignified opiate detoxification and treatment available.

Waismann treatment has one of the highest success rate in the industry, treating opiate addiction from drugs as Fentanyl, Heroin, Diuladid, Methadone, Oxycodone, Percocet, Suboxone (Subutex) and Tramadol.

Waismann Method® Locations

We have concentrated all our efforts in one single location where we were able to put together extensive resources, including a staff of the top qualified professionals, an accredited independent hospital, and a licensed exclusive recovery center.  We offer our patients professional excellence: comprehensive and individualized treatment plans, a healing environment with the highest privacy standards from the Waismann treatment group.

We want to clarify that Southern California is our “only location” ; we are NOT affiliated with any other doctors or hospitals anywhere else in the world. (Due to our unparalleled reputation, licensed facilities and outstanding integrated care other centers claimed to be affiliated or offer the same services.)

How do you know the treatment you are choosing is THE REAL thing, and how do you know is THE REAL Waismann Method®? If it is the “real” treatment your should be provided with:

  • Full service JCAHO accredited hospital
    (Ensuring patients experience the safest and highest quality health care)
  • Private rooms throughout your stay
    (Concentrating all our attention to one patient at a time while maintaining privacy and comfort)
  • You should be treated individually in your private room
    (we do NEVER treat patients side-by-side)
  • Quadruple board certified medical director
    (Dr. Lowenstein reputation, experience and credentials makes him the most qualify rapid detox doctor in the world)
  • 4 to 10 days around the clock inpatient care based on each patients individual needs.
    (In order to cut costs and treat more patients, some detox doctors discharge patients to hotel rooms within 24hrs. of anesthesia detox, compromising the safety and effectiveness of the procedure)
  • Inclusive licensed recovery retreat for a few days
    Ensuring patient stability is crucial for the success of any drug detoxification treatment.


Waismann Method® Treatment Professionals

Michael H. Lowenstein, M.D., currently serving as medical director for Waismann Method®, is considered an international authority on opiate dependence, pain management and anesthesia. Dr. Lowenstein has four board certifications and almost two decades of experience as a pain specialist, and as rapid detox expert and treatment provider. He is board-certified in Addiction Medicine, Pain Management and Anesthesiology. Most recently, Dr. Lowenstein completed a fellowship and earned board certification in Anti-aging, Restorative and Regenerative Medicine, to enhance his understanding and treatment of the effects of opioid use on the brain and other body systems.

Accompanied by his colleague registered addiction specialist Clare Waismann, Dr. Lowenstein put together a protocol for opiate dependent patients that begins in an accredited hospital, as to offer the most advanced and specialized options for opiate treatment. Doctors, counselors, and staff, work together with patients, to create personalized treatment and plan specially designed for each patient’s unique needs. The goal of the Waismann Treatment team member is to compassionately and professionally provide an effective and compassionate recovery experience, while maximizing the chances for a healthy life without opiates. Our patients achieve an extraordinarily high success rate and thousands of patients from all over the globe have been effectively treated using our opiate detoxification methods. The professionals at Waismann Method® always put compassionate care and responsible medicine, over blame and punishment.

For more information on the Waismann treatment please contact our addiction specialists today at 1-310-205-0808. We are available to answer all of your treatment questions compassionately and privately.